About us

A team devoted to the competitiveness of your company

Euler Global LTD is a marketing consultancy office made of professionals and a consultants network who have been collaborating since many years.
The Euler Global LTD office gathers diversified skills in the digital, strategy and implementation fields.

Our commitment

Euler Global LTD together with our partners commits to provide the performance of companies with his expertise and knowhow in order to reach the objectives they have set themselves , but also bring them a local service of high quality high-quality via a skill transfer approach.

Our know-how

A pragmatic immersion approach which enables us to apprehen all the aspects of the project. Our know-how is to define for our custumers global digital strategies based on audits of their information and communication system.
A competent and experienced team. Our membership to the 6Config group enables our consultants to benefit from an ongoing technology watch, a scheduled update thanks to certifying trainings, as far as skills aquired while working with our big acocunts partners.
A tested methodology. Euler Global LTD achieved setting up tools adapted to clients’ needs, but also developping across the years an innovative Working methodology based on the agile methodology standards.
An ongoing technology watch thanks to our partners network.

Global network

The strength of Euler Global teams is our international network; Not its size and spread, but the qualities and skills of its members, their knowledge level and the way they share information to perform as one single entity perfectly integrated.
We are established at the international level, and because the technological evolution develops itself more quickly in some industries, countries and citie, we are able to adapt quickly our knowledge from one region to another. This means that ou clients benefit from the latest technologies, our expertise and experience.
This combination of deep understanding of local imperatives with a common culture of intelligence and service makes us particularly efficient.
We observe, we learn, we communicate, we implement.

Corporate responsability

We striv to develop a CRS Programme in accordance with our company strategy.
We are seriously involveld in our rôle of socially responsible company and have established clear responsibility zones, and objectives through our community, working conditions and environment.
Our goal is to continue increasing social and commercial impacts. CRS projects offer enriching experiences which enable our staff members to develop themselves while making the community and the planet profit of it.


We are constantly looking for creative, dynamic and goodwilling people who can join us.
We are offering chances and opportunities to make or expedite a carreer in our services such as media planning and negotiation, econometric modelling, tart-up firms, digital communication and non-traditional marketing.
We also have internal jobs in human resources, marketing, finance, IT.
Our employees receive excellent wages and social benefits. But we also offer a team working environment, a cooperative culture, an informal and pragmatic approach to work and access to a variety of training and further training programmes.

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