The innovation strategy

The increasing importance of new sales and communication channels has fundamentally changed customer experience. Competition also makes necessary to quickly innovate in order to retain a customer who has new options available thanks to e-commerce.
For companies, the capacity to innovate, together with digital economy, has become a survival factor. Like during any important technological revolution, some companies appear and grow, others disappear. Apple, one of the first market capitalizations in the world, has become the leader of phone market in a few years. On the other hand Kodak, a company created in 1881, has filed for bankruptcy on January 2012.
Innovation causes several problems. It reveals the necessity of questioning company values and know-how. New projects are often in conflict with the company’s traditional activity, either by putting a strain on financial resources during the investment phase, or by competing with already established activities.

More than ever, companies must:

  • Propose a fluid and consistent multi-channel experience, while keeping a unified vision of the customer
  • Make a relevant offer to the right target at the right moment
  • Accurately balance the commercial solicitation
  • Collect relevant information during each stage of the customer experience
  • Quickly estimate the customer value in order to adapt the commercial effort
  • Insure in general a positive return on investment

Our proposal

  • Make Internet become a decisive competitive advantage?
  • The impacts on value proposition and marketing mix
  • Make the distinction between structuring innovations and fleeting fashions
  • Advice on projects to be focused on in order to maximize the impact on customers?
  • The implications on the organization?


  • Support of clients in their creative processes of innovation.
  • Organization of workshops with teams or by questioning directly the clients.
  • Qualify the potential of new ideas.
  • Support the implementation of those ideas until they are launched.
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